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Divorce in Christian marriage is a very sensitive, controversial and emotional topic. For ever so long, people have been asking questions that have refused to go away.

Who really is the guilty party? What should be our attitude towards divorce and divorcees? What does the world have to say about divorce? How do we handle domestic abuse?…

DISSOLVE OR RESOLVE offers refreshing, illuminating and insightful answers to several of these tough questions. Read it and settle many uncertainties once and for all!

What readers said

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I believe this book is an important message to the body of Christ in this generation. The simplicity and clarity of the truths in this book will surely help anyone who reads it to address many dark questions on Christian marriage and divorce.

Michael K. (USA)

Nike D.

I just finished reading the book a second time. I really feel like placing this book in the hand of every believer and every Christian couple, especially those facing challenges in their marriage. My prayer is that the Lord Himself will open our eyes to these truths.

Seun A. (Nigeria)

Tosin Adekoya